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APRIL 11-20TH 2019

 Alabama Love Stories is a devised piece of theatre based in archival research that also incorporates poetry, song, and physical theatre work to tell the stories of ordinary Alabamians across the 200 years of the state’s history.

Collaged scenes roughly follow a chronological thread beginning with the Native American roots of Alabama history and moving through a variety of critical moments in the state’s story including the Civil War, the fight for Women’s suffrage, The Great Migration, WWII, and Alabama’s Civil Rights legacy. Alabama Love Stories ends up in the contemporary moment exploring celebrations of love through an examination of the evolution of marriage laws in Alabama to include interracial and same sex marriage.

While there is nothing explicit in terms of language and content, this show may contain themes that challenge conventional understandings of Alabama and that some may consider offensive. This piece strives to open up conversation about the many communities that inhabit this state and focuses on love as a language to encourage dialogue and discourse. 

Auburn University Theatre will be presenting Alabama Love Stories with accessible and sensory friendly performance dates! Accessible performance on Saturday, April 13th at 7:30 pm and a sensory friendly performance on Tuesday, April 16th at 7:30 pm. 
Please visit the Access Services Page for more details about these performances and how to request access services. 



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